The Story Continues

So me and my partner, have began creating the story outline for The Quinkin Project. Also bringing on some other collaborates for the project for the Aboriginal angle of the story as I don’t have a Aboriginal background thought it would be best for them to review and add to the project.

Also have worked on some new concept art. Still a work in progress but it is a good idea of how I would like Turramulli to look in the project.

Also found some potential Producer for this feature they’re called Galactic Baby and have worked on TV shows for ABC and Web series.

So far the cast of characters are –

MOLLY – A mixed heritage Aboriginal child around the age of 8 or 9 years old who has been living in a Missionary for the last 4 years. (She is the first of the Stolen Generation.)

TURRAMULLI – Main Antagonist is a giant Yeti like creature that is stalking and killing the Missionary Family (it’s a force of Nature).

THE FAMILY – The Family is made up of a Pastor who is the FATHER, they have a BABY about two years old….  

QUINKINS – They are all black elongated DREAMTIME creatures, they do not wish to do any harm to anyone or anything. They’re the polar opposite of TURRAMULLI. 

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